What Makes You Angry – Interview Question Answer For Freshers/ Experienced

What Makes You Angry?

Every Organization, Company conducts Interview to recruit eligible and talented aspirants. In the Interview, when the Interviewer asks the QuestionWhat Makes You Angry” to the Interviewee. He or She wants to know the attitude of Interviewee towards the Company.

As a Freshers/ Experienced you have to give that answer which is suited to your personality and the company.  Interviewer creates the pressurize environment to check how can you deal with this situation. Your answers tell the interviewer about yourself.

Dear applicants, there is no need to take any tension about the Interview. Here we are giving you best answers of this question.

The Best answer:

  • When the Interviewer asks this question, you should reply very smoothly and friendly. It is a nature of Human but I don’t show anger any time and without any genuine reason. I have enough patience. If someone is doing such task which is opposite of company’s rules, I’ll definitely show my anger.

I Get Angry:

  • There are many other things which makes me anger as when someone disturbing me in middle of my work without any genuine reason but I take long breathe and try to handle that person with politely and calmly.

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You should answer of every question with positive attitude that affects great on the interviewer’s mind. If you have any query related to this page, you can leave it in the comment box.

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