TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper With Answers In English/Tamil Download

TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper

Tamil Nadu public service commission conducts VAO exam every year to recruit the capable aspirants for the vacant positions. TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper is the right way of practicing for the TNPSC exams. Applicants may check or download the question papers with answers in English and Tamil also through the online process.

Innumerable applicants appear every year in the TNPSC exam and prepare for the TNPSC VAO exam they all can get the model paper for the preparation through the web portal.

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TNPSC VAO Model Question Paper With Answers:

Ques.1) Let ABCD be a square with each side of length 1 unit. If M is the intersection of its diagonals and P is the midpoint of MB, what is the square of the length of AP?

a)    3/4

b)    5/8

c)    1/2

d)    3/8

Ans.) b

Ques.2) Which number leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by 5 and also when divided by 7?

a)    671

b)    761

c)    176

d)    716

Ans.) C

Ques.3) I was paid $2.80 on the first day, and my salary doubled each day thereafter. I earned a total of $714. How many days did I work?

a)    8

b)    10

c)    12

d)    14


Ques.4) Katie and Jim play a game with 2 six sided number cubes numbered 1 through 6. When the number cubes are rolled, Katie gets a point if the sum of the two is even and Jim gets a point if the product is even. What is the likelihood that on one roll of both cubes both Katie and Jim get a point?

a)    1/2

b)    1/3

c)    1/4

d)    1/5


Ques.5) How many times does the digit 9 appear in the answer when 1010101 is subtracted from 1000000000000?

a)    7

b)    8

c)    9

d)    10


Ques.6) Blunt : Sharp : : Sow : ?

a)    Water

b)    Crow

c)    Farm

d)    Reap


Ques.7) If BAD is written as YZW and SAME as HZNV, then LOVE will be coded as

a)    ROWN

b)    OJUC

c)    OLEV

d)    NOPL


Ques.8) Blunt : Sharp : : Sow : ?

a)    Water

b)    Crow

c)    Farm

d)    Reap


Ques.9) Small pox is caused by

a)    Bacteria

b)    Fungus

c)    Virus

d)    Algae


Ques.10) Silk is produced by

a)    Egg of silkworm

b)    Pupa of silkworm

c)    Larva of silkworm

d)    Insect itself


Ques.11) Persons with which blood group are called universal donors?

a)    AB

b)    A

c)    O

d)    B


Ques.12) The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to

a)    distribution revenue between the Centre and the States

b)    prepare the Annual Budget

c)    advise the President on financial matters

d)    allocate funds to various ministries of the Union and State Governments


Ques.13) Which one of the following duties is not performed by Comptroller and Auditor general of India?

a)    To audit and report on all expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of India

b)    To audit and report on all expenditure from the Contingency Funds and Public Accounts

c)    To audit and report on all trading, manufacturing, profit and loss accounts

d)    To control the receipt and issue of public money, and to ensure that the public revenue is lodged in the exchequer


Ques.14) Which one of the following statements correctly describes the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of India?

a)    It lists the distribution of powers between the Union and the states

b)    It contains the languages listed in the Constitution

c)    It contains the languages listed in the Constitution

d)    It allocates seats in the Council of States


Ques.15) If a new state of the Indian Union is to be created, which one of the following schedules of the Constitution must be amended?

a)    First

b)    Second

c)    Third

d)    Fifth


Ques.16) Which one of the following Bills must be passed by each house of the Indian Parliamentary separately by special majority?

a)    Ordinary Bill

b)    Money Bill

c)    Finance Bill

d)    Constitution Amendment Bill


Ques.17) With reference to Indian Parliament, which one of the following is not correct?

a)    the Appropriation Bill must be passed by both the Houses of Parliament before it can be enacted into law

b)    No money shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Fund of India except under the appropriation made by the Appropriation Act

c)    Finance Bill is required for proposing new taxes but no another Bill/Act is required for making changes in the rates of taxes which are already under operation.

d)    No Money Bill can be introduced except on the recommendation of the President

Ans.) a

Ques.18) The system of proportional representation is used in the election of

a)    The President

b)    speaker of Lok Sabha

c)    Members of Lok Sabha

d)    Members of State Assembly


Ques.19 Which of the following is not correct?

a)    The Supreme Command of the Defence Forces is vested in the President.

b)    The three Chiefs of Staff (Army, Navy & Air Force) are under the direct control of the President.

c)    The responsibility of National Defence rests with the Union Cabinet.

d)    All important questions having a bearing on defence are decided by the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister.


Ques.20) In the Panchayat Raj System, the ‘Panchayat Samiti’ is constituted at the

a)    Village level

b)    Block level

c)    District level

d)    State level


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