Tell Me Something About Yourself – Interview Question And Best Answer

Tell Me Something About Yourself

Tell me something about your-self is a basic interview question and it is the first question in any interview so candidate must answer this question very effectively because this answer makes the first impression on the interviewer. It will lay down all your confidence If you cannot answer this question and then your chances of being able to remain in the interview become very less.

To gives the answers about it candidate first of all have the full confidence and a good communication skills. If any person does not have good communication skills then he should try to enhance their skills. Some most of the interview question related to Tell Me about Your Self questions and answer are provided here by the team of

Before the questions and answers applicants must follows these things.

  • Set you self well dressed for making a good impression.
  • Be confident and speak honestly.
  • If any question confuse you then ask interviewer instead of wasting time

Here are some Best Answers:

Ques. – Tell me something about yourself?

This is most important and generally asked question. Candidates must prepare 5-6 lines for it such questions about your education, background and all things you match to you resume. You can answer this question as-

1st Answer

“First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself. Myself XYZ from ABC I have completed my Education from ____ university. My family consists of ___ members. My mother is a housewife and my father is a business man. My strengths are I am positive thinking and self motivate person. My weakness is I am not satisfies until I finish my work in time. My hobbies are listening music and playing throw ball. My short time goal is to get a job in well reputed company. My long time goal is to stay a higher posture in a company.
As a fresher, I don’t have any working experience, but I will prove once the opportunity comes. Thank you.”

II Answer

“I socialize with people very easily and have strong interpersonal ability. I come up with creative solutions to challenges in job. I did my education from xyz and am currently doing my graduation from ABC.
I have an experience of 2.5 years of working in a ___ company which is the fastest growing industry and would like to continue with the same profession. I consider that I will get a lot of chances in this field and success. I like to play cricket, listen music, connect with new people and create fun with my friends. This is all about me.”

III answer

“My name is XYZ. I am from ___. My strengths are organizing learning modules, creating instructional activities and presenting concepts, thus I feel that I can work best is this field. I am willing to input my efforts with your company and moving ahead with this career”

IV Answer

“I’m very glad to introduce myself in front of you; I am ABC from ____.  My family includes my father, mother and I have two siblings. I can cope up with my mistakes, can easily mingle with team, self motivated leads to my strengths. As of my weaknesses I can’t say stop when someone explaining to me. My short term is to work in good reputed company like yours and my long term goal is to change my signature to autograph.”

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