SSC Data Entry Operator Solved Paper, Previous Year Question And Answers

SSC Data Entry Operator Solved Paper:

Staff selection commission (SSC) organized Data Entry Operator (DEO) exam every year. There is huge no. of applicants who appeared every year in this exam.

All those applicants who applied for this year’s exam they need to download the SSC Data Entry Operator Solved Paper / Previous Year Question and Answers for the complete their preparation.

Through the Previous Year Question and Answers aspirants take an idea to solve the exam paper in a particular time period. Sample paper grows the candidate’s confidence level to solve the exam.

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SSC DEO Previous Year Question And Answers:

1. When an organization gives contract for development of software, it has to give data to the service provider. In Such cases, the ownership of data should be_________

a)    Transferred to the service provider

b)    With the client/organization that outsource services

c)    Shared by both parties

d)    Not transferred

Answer: With the client/organization that outsource services

2. Which is not the concern of the local government?

a)    Public Health

b)    Sanitation

c)    Law and order

d)    Public Utility Services

Answer: Law and order

3. The banks use ……………. device to minimize conversion process.

a)    Keyboard

b)    MICR

c)    OCR

d)    Scanner

Answer: MICR

4. The All Women Expedition Team of the Indian Air Force which scaled the Mount Everest some time back was headed by

a)    Sqn. Ldr. D. Panda

b)    Sqn. Ldr. Nirupama Pandey

c)    Flt. Lt. Nivedita Choudhary

d)    Flt. Lt. Rajika Sharma

Answer: Sqn. Ldr. Nirupama Pandey

5. If the Prime Minister of India submits his resignation to the President, it will mean the resignation of the

a)    Prime Minister only

b)    Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers

c)    Entire Council of Ministers

d)    Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and the Speaker

Answer: Entire Council of Ministers

6. The river which is used for inland waterways in India is.

a)    Ganga

b)    Cauveri

c)    Mahi

d)    Luni

Answer: Ganga

7. ‘Yellow Revolution’ is associated with the production of

a)    Poultry

b)    Gold

c)    Sunflower

d)    Oil seeds

Answer: Oil seeds

8. ‘Kesari’, the Newspaper was started by

a)    G.K. Gokhale

b)    B. G. Tilak

c)    Sardar Patel

d)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Answer: B. G. Tilak

9. Double is a_______data type.

a)    Primitive

b)    User Defined

c)    System Defined

d)    Local

Answer: Primitive

10. When was the Indian Constitution adopted?

a)    15th August, 1947

b)    26th November, 1949

c)    26th January, 1950

d)    2nd October, 1952

Answer: 26th November, 1949

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  • Data Entry Operators Aptitude Sample Question Paper-Download PDF
  • Data Entry Operators Reasoning Question Paper-Download PDF


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