SSC CGL Interview Questions And Answers, Interview Tips By Toppers

SSC CGL Interview Questions and Answers:

Staff selection commission recruits thousand of candidate every year for different posts. After giving the written exam of SSC CGL shortlisted candidate are called for interview. We have arrange some interview tips by toppers for SSC CGL and also discussing some important questions and answers for SSC CGL interview also.

These top questions are help you for making decision easily in CGL interview and you are able to give the answers of any question with lots of confidence. “How to prepare for interview” this question is always strike in the mind of candidate. When candidate go through this page he/ she will get your answer better.

So aspirants who want to give the unforgettable performance in interview prepare these questions. There are some standard tricky questions that are asked in interview of SSC CGL. We are going to try and give you some pointers as to how to deal with these.

Interview Tips By Toppers:

Candidate need to follow this amazing interview tips that are:

  • If the panel of interviewer is more than two members than you should always try to make eye contact with each person.
  • Try to show yourself best in the interview and give the answer honestly and confidently.
  • Positive attitude is the key of success so be positive and polite.
  • Give the answer logically but not show over confident.
  • Give the answer clearly and directly according to your personality.
  • Never argument with panel and make your gesture positive.
  • Be preparing for all question of interview and also keep 1-2 points of strength and weakness.
  • You should learn as much as you can about the company/organization.

SSC CGL Interview Questions & Answers:

These questions are designed to help you be aware of yourself and what you would bring to the table in an interview.

Q-1: Gives some brief introduction about you?

Ans. This is the main and basic question which will be asked in all interviews so candidate will prepare 2 or 3 three line about yourself such as your name, qualification, hobby etc.

Q-2: What are you doing after completion of the graduation?

 Ans. In this question candidate need to give some meaningful answer just like that I am very eager to get the job in SSC so I was preparing for that and that’s why I am able to face you.

Q-3: Are you applying for other jobs as well?

Ans. You cannot possibly apply only for one job so give the answer honestly and does not waste more time to comparing with others just give the positive answer like I willing to work with that organization which motivate my work.

Q-4: what is the current topic in the news?

Ans. By asking this question interviewer just examine that how much you are aware from your surroundings. So keep in touch with current affairs as much as possible.

Q-5: why should we hire you?

Ans. This question is asked in most of the interview. So candidate already prepare to tackle this type of question. Give the answer which will see realistic.

Q-6: your surname is different. Why is it so?

Ans. In some cases the surname of the candidate is sound different so applicant needs to prepare good answer for this question.

Q-7: Are you a team player?

Ans.  Team leading quality is most important for each person. So candidate give the examples from your school, colleges where you have done some successful team work.

Q-8: what is your view about arrange marriage & love marriage, which is best?

Ans. By asking this question interviewer wants to check your point of view about social topics. So do not tempers at the time when they are try to confuse you?

Q-9:  Tell me about your Strengths and weaknesses?

Ans. Everyone have a some positive and negative point but do not show your weak point more try to resolve your weak point in strong point.

Q-10: Which is best smart work or hard work?

 Ans. Through this question, they want to examine your way of thinking and skill. So always give the preference to smart work because hard means put your entire strengths and smart work is when we put effort to get success in a short time.

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