Railway Group D Sample Paper, Model Question Paper Free Download PDF

Railway Group D Sample Paper

Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducts written examination for various posts in group D in time by time. This government sector provides the vacancies for 10th, 12th pass candidates.

Those candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming exam of Group D must check previous year Sample Papers for good preparation and to break the exam.

Here some Railway Group D Sample Paper, Model Question provided for those applicants who want to break the exam in his/her first attempt. The sample paper is furnished below by the team of recruitmentlauncher.com

Question Sample Paper:

Qus1. After which war Ashoka embraced Buddhism—

(A) Kalinga’s war

(B) Peshawar war

(C) War of South India

(D) War of Khanwa

Ans : (A)

Qus 2. Which of the following is not a non-metal?

(A) Carbon

(B) Sulphur

(C) Aluminium

(D) Nitrogen

Ans : (C)

Qus 3. Which of the following is not correctly matched?

(A) Taj Mahal—Agra

(B) Gol Ghar—Patna

(C) Buland Darwaza—Fatehpur Sikri

(D) Qutub Minar—Lucknow

Ans : (D)

Qus 4. Sun Temple is located at—

(A) Tanjore

(B) Khajuraho

(C) Vapi

(D) Konark

Ans : (D)

Qus 5. Number of teams which participated in recently held cricket tournament of Indian Premier League is—

(A) 6

(B) 7

(C) 8

(D) 9

Ans : (C)

Qus 6. Find out what will come at?—

pqrs, rsqp, qpsr, ?

(A) rpsq

(B) srpq

(C) rsqp

(D) srqp

Ans : (B)

Qus 7. Which of the following rivers does not pass through Bihar?

(A) Kosi

(B) Yamuna

(C) Bagmati

(D) Son

Ans : (B)

Qus 8. Mahendra Singh Dhoni played for IPL cricket team of—

(A) Kolkata

(B) Mumbai

(C) Hyderabad (D) Chennai

Ans : (D)

Qus 9. Which Indian Cricketer holds the record of highest runs in one Test innings?

(A) Sunil Gavaskar

(B) Sachin Tendulkar

(C) Virender Sehwag

(D) V.V.S. Laxman

Ans : (C)

Qus 10. The Union Territory of Delhi cannot be accorded the status of a State, because—

(A) Its legislature is not bicameral

(B) This is National Capital territory, its legislature and cabinet have limited powers

(C) There is no High Court

(D) It has no language of its own

Ans : (B)

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