How To Prepare For Written Exam – Tips/Tricks To Study, Expert Advice

How To Prepare For Written Exam

Are you looking for preparation tips & tricks for Written Exam? If yes then you are on the right place. If you want success in the exam, you must to concentrate your mind to reach your goal.

You need to follow the following Important Tips/ Tricks to study. is providing you important tips & tricks to get success in written exam.

Generally two types of questions are often used in written test

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Essay Type Question

Important Tips & Tricks:

  • Firstly Decide a Goal:

First of all you must set a goal for you exam. This will motivate you to reach your destination and you can score good marks.

  • Know The Exam pattern and Syllabus:

You must have your exam pattern and syllabus details. This will help you to study in a proper manner and exam pattern will help you to know the negative marking procedure of the exam.

  • Time Management:

Time management will work as a key to your success. If you want to prepare your syllabus in time then you have to manage your time according to your syllabus. You have to make a time table for study.

  • Use Help Books:

Use help books to prepare. Help books will help you to know the level of questions so that you can practice accordingly.

  • Don’t Fear and Be Confident:

Remove all the fear from your mind. This can distract you from study. Be confident and give you best to get success.

  • Work on You Weakness:

Your weakness can be harmful for you exam. Just work on your weakness and try to overcome your weakness.

  • Give Importance to Early Morning Study:

You should give importance to early morning study. In early morning you can study with fresh mind.

  • Take Healthy Food:

You should take healthy food. Healthy food will help you to feel energetic.

  • Prepare Short Notes:

Prepare short notes of important points. This will help you to remember important thing and will also help you in revision.

  • Solve Previous Year’s Papers:

Solve all the previous year’s papers. This will help you to know the pattern of questions and will help you to improve your skills.

  • Increase your Speed:

Work on your speed because slow speed can be harmful for you to attempt the paper in time. You should increase your speed.

  • Take Short Breaks:

Take short breaks to feel fresh. This will help you to decrease your mind stress.

  • Try to Reduce Negative Marking:

To score good marks try to reduce negative marking. Answer only to those question for which you are sure.

All these important steps will help you to prepare for Written Exam.


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