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Kerala PSC Books 2015

Candidates who have decided their career in government sector and are preparing for Kerala PSC examination for session 2015 can get Kerala PSC Books from this page. Candidates should follow best exam Preparation Material which helps to achieve success in examination. So this page is made to provide you Kerala PSC Books 2015 which are recommended by our team of recruitmentlauncher. You can download study material online as books in PDF form through our portal. 

Kerala PSC Exam Preparation Material Books:

General Studies Book List:

  • An Introduction to the Constitution of India by D D Basu
  • Perspectives on Indian Constitution Edited by Subash Kashyap
  • Biology for VIII-X Std NCERT
  • Physics for VIII-X Std NCERT
  • Chemistry for VIII-X Std NCERT
  • Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Courses Evelyn Pearce
  • Know your body Reader’s Digest
  • An Evolution of Indian Economy I. C. Dhingra (Sultan Chand & Co)
  • Indian Economy Dutt & Sundaram
  • Economic Survey of India Government of India
  • Statistical Methods by S. C. Gupta

Civil Engineering Book List:

  • Engineering Mechanics by Shames
  • Mechanics for Engineers by B Johnson
  • Engineering Mechanics by Mchean
  • Limit State Design by Ram Chandra
  • Surveying by Punmia
  • Strength of Material by V N Vazaram
  • Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by A Singh and K R Arora
  • Strength and Meterials by UC Jindal
  • Introduction to Mechanics of Solids
  • Basic and applied Fluid Mechanics by Garde

Electrical Engineering Book List:

  • Principles of Electronics by V. K. Mehta
  • Radio Engineering by G. K. Mithal
  • Circuit Analysis by Gupta
  • Electrical Technology by Thereja
  • Electrical Power by Star
  • Physics of Semiconductor Devices by Sze
  • Automatic Control System by Kuo
  • Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics by Rao
  • Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System by Jordan & Balmain
  • Modern Central Engineering by Ogata

Political Science Book List:

  • Political Theory by Eddy Ashirvatham
  • Political Theory by O P Gauba
  • Political Theory by Amal Ray, Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Comparative Politics by R. Chilkote
  • Political Theory by Amal Ray & Mohit Bhattachary
  • Introduction to Indian Constitution by D D Basu
  • India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
  • Introduction to Indian constitution by D D Basu
  • Our Parliament by S C Kashyap
  • Our Constitution by S C Kashyap

Biotechnology and Life Sciences Book List

  • Introduction to Biotechnology by Panima Publishing Corporation
  • Theory and Problems of Genetics, W D Stansfield
  • An Introduction to Genetic Analysis by A.J.F. Griffths,
  • Genetics: Analysis and Principles by R.J. Brooker
  • Microbiology by L.M. Prescott, J.P. Harley and D A Klein
  • A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes, and Society by James D. Watson
  • Social Issues in Science and Technology: An Encyclopedia, David E. Newton
  • Genetics: A Molecular Approach by T.A. Brown
  • Biological Science by N.P O Green, G.W. Stout and D.J. Taylor
  • Proteins: Structures and molecular properties by Thomas E. Creighton

Commerce Books List


  • Fundamentals Of Corporate Accounting by J.R.Monga

Cost Accounting

  • Fundamentals Of Management Accounting : Anthony & Welsch
  • Cost Accounting; Theory & Problems: Maheshwari & Mittal


  • Principles & Practice Of Auditing: Dinkar Pagare
  • Students’ Guide To Auditing: Taxmann (Aruna Jha)

Income Tax

  • Students’ Guide To Income Tax by V.K.Singhania
  • Systematic Approach To Income Tax  by Girish Ahuja

Financial Management

  • Financial Management & Policy by J.C.Van Horne
  • Theory Of Financial Management by Ezra Solomon
  • Financial Management; Text & Problems by Khan & Jain

Computer Science Books List

  • TOC and compilers: J. D Ullman
  • DBMS: Korth
  • Algorithms: Horowitz
  • Operating Systems: Galvin
  • Data communications: Fourozen
  • Digital and CO: Morris Mano

Mathematics Books List


  • Linear Algebra – K C Prasad, K B Datta
  • Calculus – Santhi Narayan
  • Analytic Geometry – Shantinarayan, HC Sinha, DK Jha and Sharma
  • Ordinary Differential eqs: MD Raising Lumina, Golden seris-NP Bali
  • Dynamics, Statics and Hydrostatics – M.Ray
  • Vector analysis – Shantinarayan


  • Algebra – K C Prasad, KB Datta
  • Real Analysis – Shantinarayan,Royden
  • Complex Analysis – GK Ranganath
  • Linear Programming – SD sharma
  • Partial Diff.eqs. – Singhania
  • Numerical analysis and Computer Progg. – V. Rajaraman, SS Shasri
  • Mechanics & Fluid dynamics – AP Mathur, Azaroff leonid

Chemistry Books List

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Atomic Structure – Principle of physical chemistry – Puri, Sharma & Pathwa
  • Advance Inorganic Chemistry – J.D. Lee
  • Chemical Periodicity, Chemical bonding,Coordination compound- Maden,Malik, Tuli
      • ·Theoretical principles of inorganic chemistry – G S Manku
      • Extradiction of metals, Principle of inorganic chemistry – Puri, Sharma,Jauhar.

Physical Chemistry

  • Principals of Physical Chemistry – Puri, Sharma & Pathawa
  • Chemical kinetics – Advance physical chemistry – Gurdeep Raj
  • Photo chemistry – – K.L. Kapoor
  • Advance physical chemistry – Gurdeep Raj

Organic Chemistry

  • Bonding and shape of organic molecules, Stereo chemistry of carbon   compound – Reactions and reagents – O P Agarwal
  • A guide to mechanism in organic chemistry – Peter Sykes

Management Books List

  • Organisational Design by  Khandwala; Madhukar Shukla
  • Organisational Behaviour by Luthans and Robbins
  • Strategic Cost Management by Business Today supplements
  • Management by Terry and Franklin; Koontz and Donnel; Koontz and Weihrich
  • Strategic Management by Michael Porter
  • Marketing by Kotler
  • Financial by Pandey/Chandra/Khan & Jain/Bearley
  • Operations by  Adams/Taha
  • HRD by Mammoria / Monappa/ Prasad/ Flippo

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