Interview Tips for Freshers with Most Asked Questions and Their Answers

Interview Tips for Freshers

Freshers have most concern for the interview as they face it for first time in their life with no previous experience of job or any technical field. So here on this page we are disclosing useful Interview Tips for Freshers with Mostly Asked Questions and their Answers.

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  • Most Asked Interview Question & Answer
  • Useful Tips for Interview

Job Interview situation could be a little complicated and a candidate might lose the confidence although he / she might be intelligent and worth for the post, to avoid these conditions all the Tips and techniques given here might become useful for you.

In all the selections procedure of either a private or a government sector, interview plays an important part as in this the mental, physical, social and many more qualities of a person are to be measured by the interviewer.

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We have collected some of the areas in which interview is always conducted for any recruitment so have a look:

  • Areas / Sectors
  • MBA Jobs
  • CA
  • Bank/ IBPS
  • Railway
  • IAS
  • Engineer /  IT
  • Teacher
  • BPO
  • SSB / NDA
  • Insurance Sector

As a fresher, you often experience a lot of stress before you go to attend an interview. The solution to this stress is excellent preparation. Here are some interview questions which you can anticipate to be asked during your interview with a way to response them:

Most Asked Questions in Interviews

Here we are going to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions by the interviewer as:

Q1-Did you face any problems in finding this place?

Ans– The interview panel usually asks this query to start the talk and put the applicant to ease. Then you response this query with smile and by saying: “It wasn’t hard to find this place.”

Q2- Introduce yourself? Or tell me about yourself?

 Ans- This is the most often asked query in interviews. You need to have a brief declaration ready in your mind about this. Restrict it to work-related items. Discuss factors you have done and tasks you have organized.

Tell each and every quality, which matters for them and the descriptions are apart from the details mentioned in resume.

Q3- Why does this role interest you? Or why have you applied for this job?

Ans- The objective of this query is to see if you are really interested about this job or you applied to this job just because you are unemployed. Try to Relate the job specifications with your candidature and describe why do you believe you are a appropriate applicant for this job.

Q4- Why do you think should we take you for this job? Or why should we hire you?

Ans– A organization will want to hire you if you can add some value to it. So, concentrate your response on your abilities and how they can be beneficial for the position you are being interviewed for.

In this, tell them the special thing which matters for their organization & it also adds a positive factor in profile for which you are applying. These are the features that companies usually search for in a fresh graduate.

Q5- What is your weakness?”

Ans– Give the answer of this question like “I start believing in people easily”.

Try to represent weakness as strength and describe it in a way that it will appear as good habits. Never mention your weakness if it really exist.

Q6– What is your greatest strength?

Ans-    This is also one of the most generally asked questions in any interview. Your response to this query shows your planning for the interview. This needs you to customize your response as per the requirement of the position you are being applied for.

Before every interview, analyze the specifications of the role carefully and list out the features needed to execute that role. Now, make a list of the qualities you have and coordinate them with the job requirement.

Q7– What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

This response reveals your capability to make plans for yourself, have an ambitious but genuine plan:

  • Say you would like to obtain certain abilities and move up the ladder of success.
  • If you are interested in Management, say you would like to take up a part-time course/full time course in x years time

Q8– Do you have any other offer at hand?

This is usually an ending query and they might want to know how definitely you are looking for a job. Usually give an honest response and say why you are looking for another job with that offer at hand.

Q9- Do you have any questions for us?

Always have queries prepared to response this one:

  • You can ask whether the organization allows for lateral and vertical role changes
  • You can also ask whether the organization motivates studying and growth of employees
  • Ask whether the organization has programs for growth

Q10- What are your salary expectations?

Ans– It is an unpleasant question that you will probably lose if you response first. So, do not answer it. Instead, say something like, that,s a tough query. Can you tell me the range for this position? Never mention your salary if you are fresher and it is your first job.

Apart from these discussed questions more quiz are there in respect of their answer you should face them professionally and confidently with delicacy in reply.

Useful Tips for Freshers In Interview

Regardless to the number of interviews you have faced some common points to keep in minds are given below to have an impression on organizers. Here are some tips for fresh graduates aspiring to join the community of working professionals.

1. Reach on time:

Being punctual shows your seriousness towards the meeting. Try to reach the interview place 15 minutes in advance so that you can rest and get yourself ready to deal with the interviewer.

2. Dress neatly and demonstrate confidence

Dressing nicely contributes to your self confidence – this contains, nice outfits, footwear and well done hair.  Enter the interview room with a smile on your face and be confident. Your Way of talking must be professional and higher level of confidence reflects from your words and tone but don’t be over confident.

3. Establish eye contact

If there are more than one interview panel member, establish eye contact with each of them while responding to the questions. Simultaneously avoid staring at any one of them as it displays over violence.

4. Do not be argumentative.

Present your perspective and be professional.  If you do not agree with something the Interviewer has said do not spurn it as incorrect.  Try to understand their point of view even if it clashed with your own.  This does not mean that you need to agree to their perspective.

5.  Know about the company.  

You ought to learn as much as you can about the organization.  An excellent starting point is the organization’s website.  Also, do a google search on the organization to know what others are saying about the organization.

At last it is advised to you don’t be nervous at that time while answering any quiz. Give all replies with a little smile so that recruiter will not be able to judge nervousness in your words. A positive attitude must reflect in each reply.

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