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IBPS Interview Questions And Answers

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IBPS Interview Questions and Answers:

Qus1. What is bank?

Ans. Bank is financial institution which accepts deposits from the public for the purpose of lending.

Qus 2. Types of banks?

Ans. Nationalized banks, Private Banks, Foreign banks, Regional rural banks, Co-operative banks, Industrial banks etc..,

Qus 3. What is a nationalized bank?

Ans. Banks which are owned and run by government of India are called as nationalized banks.

Example: Canara bank, syndicate bank, Vijaya bank, etc..,

There are total 20 nationalized banks.

State bank of India has got 7 subsidiaries they are State bank of Hyderabad, State bank of Mysore, State bank of Travancore, State bank of Indore, State bank of Sourashtra, State bank of Bikaner, state bank of Jaipur.

Qus 4. When banks are nationalized?

Ans. In 1969: 14 banks were nationalized.

In 1980: 6 banks were nationalized.

Qus 5. What is a Private bank?

Ans. Banks which are owned and run by individuals are called private banks.

Example: karnataka bank, karurvysya bank, lakshmivilas bank etc..,

Qus 6. What are foreign banks?

Ans. Banks which are foreign originated [based] are called foreign banks

Example: Citi bank, YES bank etc..,

Qus 7. What are co-operative banks?

Ans. The main purpose of co-operative banks is to co-operate small scale industries, and to provide small loans.

Example: Bellary dist co-op bank etc.

Qus 8. What are industrial banks?

Ans. The main purpose of industrial banks is to provide big loans to large scale industries.

Examples: IDBI bank, Industrial bank of India etc..,

Qus 9. What is Cheque?

Ans. Cheque is a negotiable instrument containing conditional order to pay sum of money to the person mentioned on it or to the bearer of the instrument.

Qus 10. What is crossing?

Ans. Two parallel lines drawn on the top left corner of the cheque.

Qus 11. What is account payee cheque?

Ans. Account payee cheques can be routed only through accounts.

Qus 12. What is a post dated cheque?

Ans. The date on the cheque beyond today’s date then cheque becomes post dated.

Qus 13. What is stale cheque?

Ans. Cheque is valid for six months. If the date on the cheque is before six months, then the cheque becomes stale cheque.

Qus 14. What is a mutilated cheque?

Ans. It is a damaged cheque.

 Qus 15. What is At Par cheque?

Ans. It is payable anywhere in India.

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