IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 2015 Share Clerk Hiring Process Experience

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 2015

Dear Readers!!! I am Sonali from Bangalore and I am sharing my IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 2015 on this page to provide you an entire picture of the Clerk Hiring Process and Interview prospect that will be very helpful to you for a good preparation for interview.

Name: Sonali

Qualification: B tech

Venue: Andhra Bank Zonal Office Visakhapatnam.

Time: 8:30 am

IBPS Clerk Hiring Process

My Interview was held on 9th Feb. They started calling the candidates at 9:10 am. When we got inside, they advised us to be seated in a room and then the verification of documents started by one person there.

Documents Checked:

  • Interview Application
  • Interview Admit Card
  • 10th marksheet for DOB
  • Intermediate marksheet
  • Degree pass memo (for B-tech PC and CMM)
  • Identity proof
  • Caste certificate (for SC, ST and OBC)

During the event of documents verification, white blank sheets were given to all of the participants and were asked to write on any topic in Regional language only. The person was verifying the documents while we were writing.

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience

My turn came about at 11:15 am when I was called and I took permission to go inside. The Interview panel consists of 4 Male Members and 1 female member; they all resemble of the same age group about 40 to 50 years.

Firstly, I wished to all the sirs simultaneously and then Mam individually. They asked me to sit and I said thank you.

M1: Introduce yourself?

Me: Introduced myself in English (at that time, he said you may also speak in local language)

M1: Why banking after Engineering?

Me: replied.

M1: What is the requirement of Engineering in Banking?

Me: replied. He was not contented.

M1: He another time inquired me? Can you have an account in a bank? How you carry out your transactions?

Me: replied (through online, Internet, Mobile)

M1: That’s what I desire.

M2: Tell me how you will handle a person from rural area if he asked you to open an account in a bank with no documents.

Me: I replied that according to KYC regulations, I will ask documents and also asked from him that what kind of account he/she needs to open.

M2: That person had not brought anything then by what way will you open account?

Me: described that with as a minimum address proof, some Id proof.

M2: no that individual with empty hands.

Me: I will inquire my seniors concerning what to do.

ALL members: they laughed at my answers and to some extent satisfied (I don’t identify however they said okay.)

M3: Tell me about your family background?

Me: replied

M3: Are you all right to relocate anywhere?

Me: Yes sir.

F: She provided me a local newspaper and exposed an article which I was asked to read.

Me: I had read it with no mistakes.

Then, they told me to discontinue at some point

M1: All right if you got job and then you got married and your husband was working at abroad at that time how you will deal with? Do you resign from this job and go to abroad?

Me: I answered that I will apply for transfer to abroad branch.

M1: no there are no branches then?

Me: replied (whispered some answer don’t memorize clearly)

M1: Will you leave the job or will you continue?

Me:  replied.

They keep on asking me what you will do questions.

Me: replied all that with suspicious expression.

At Last:

M1: Okay thank you. All the Best.

M4: Just looking at me how I have replied to questions he did not inquired me any questions.

I said thanks to all the members of Interview panel and while coming out again.

Interview was completed in around 10 to 15 min. Entire interview was occurred in my regional language.

The knowledge of Regional Language to read and write is essential.

Panel members just test your opinion about how will you manage with any type of situation. Just be methodical with the banking fundamentals.

This was my experience for IBPS Clerk Interview and finally I got selected in the Interview. Your confidence and your opinion about different situations are mostly emphasized at the time of Interview. So you should be very well prepared for such answers. I am very thankful to recruitmentlauncher.com for giving me a platform to share my interview experience with you.

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