How To Reduce Negative Marking In Competitive Exams – Best Tips/Tricks

How To Reduce Negative Marking In Competitive Exams

Most of the competitive exams these days follows the rule of Negative marking therefore in order to help you here in this article we have asserted few useful guidelines about How to Reduce Negative Marking in Competitive Exams either. As we all know that negative marking is the process to refine and chose those applicants who are not assure about the right replies.

So, to participate in any sort of Govt. or Pvt. Competitive Exams, one has to be careful while answering the questions as these exams are not very tough but one has to be careful about the negative marking rules.

How To Reduce Negative Marking In Competitive Exams

In the below section we have described few guidelines and these will help you to avoid negative marks in any of the exam.

Best Tips/Tricks To Reduce Negative Marking In Any Exam

Some important and useful tips to get good scores in every competitive exam by reducing the Negative marking.

Read The Question Carefully

Because sometime in hurry to answer quickly we tick on the wrong answer while we know the right one. So read the question.

Make Full Concentration

While Answering, make full concentration otherwise it will be very difficult for you to give the proper answers.

In Depth Analysis And Work With Time Management

As one knows his/her strong domains, allocate time as to how much time is to be devoted to particular.

Attempt Easier Questions:

First as, all the competitive exams have some easy and some complicated ones. So, Go through the whole question paper and solve the easier ones first. Responding to the simpler ones gives you an idea of how much more you need to attempt.

Get Assured

Get assured about your answer, Try responding to first the questions that you are assured.

Avoid Guessing

Don’t answer the doubted query, simply you leave it. do response for only well-known questions.

Calculative risk

Most experts & coaching institutes recommend this method for competitive exams. Be sure of the choices made so far must be correct as Only then it would be possible to calculate the amount of risk to take.

Try To Avoid Overwriting

In some exams you have to answer in OMR sheet, which are read by computer systems. So try to prevent overwriting otherwise it will be marked as incorrect and thus will results in negative marks

At The Last Minute Avoiding Answering Questions

We all know that it is very important to utilize every second available but try not to respond questions at the last moment, especially in quantitative and reasoning section.

Certain Things To Be Kept In Mind

  • If you have some knowledge of that subject & can relate the question to the closest choice, then go ahead.
  • Do not waste time in thinking about the right answer. Move ahead & return at last. Time allocation as it is more important
  • The main reason why we favor calculative risk is– although the negative mark is 25% or 33%, you will be awarded 100% mark for correct choices.
  • Written Exam Techniques

If you are well prepared for exam then don’t worry at all about the Negative marking. Just concentrate to your goal and do hard work.

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