How to Prepare Reasoning – Tips To Prepare Reasoning For Competitive Exam

How to Prepare Reasoning

Reasoning is an important subject in competitive exams which is getting more attention to check the judgment and analytical skills of an applicant. Aspirants can score good marks in reasoning section if they have done proper practice.

As compared to quantitative section, reasoning is more scoring subject. Reasoning is of three types: Logical, verbal and non verbal. This is a subject which needs a lot of practice. There’s an important saying “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Reasoning covers Data Sufficiency, puzzle, series completion, blood relation test, negative prefixes, cause and effect, image questions etc.

Candidates may implement some simple and easy tips to prepare reasoning section. By implementing the tips provided below, the aspirants may easily crack the competitive examinations.

Tips to Prepare Reasoning For Competitive Exam:

Practice Puzzles:

You must practice solving puzzles. This will increase your skills and sharpen your mind. More practice will make you more efficient.

Analyze and judge:

Try to analyze the questions and find out what is given in the question. This will enhance your analytical and power judgment.

Work on given data:

Try to solve the questions on the basis of data given. Don’t make assumptions. Remember that the given problem will be solved by the data given only.

Solve questions by making diagrams:

Solve the question like blood relation questions by making diagrams on paper because these types of questions can make anyone confuse. This will help you in solving questions easily.

Apply logics:

In logical reasoning questions, apply logics. Practice a lot to apply appropriate logic. There’s an important saying “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Understand the logic of pattern and images:

Understand the logics and techniques used in patterns and image questions. Image question contains mirror image, water image, embedded images, grouping of images etc.

Practice arithmetic reasoning:

Arithmetic reasoning is a scoring section. Learn the simple formulas to solve arithmetic problems.

Analyze cause and effect:

In these questions, two statements are given. Out of these two statements, one may be the cause and other the effect. Try to analyze the cause and effect.

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