How To Get Rid Of Exam Fear – Best Tips, Advice From Experts

How To Get Rid Of Exam Fear

Fear of the exam is very common among students. Exams are like nightmares for them. The Main reason of fear is lack of preparation. Students who have made full preparation of exams are less subjected to fear and the students who are not prepared for the exams may have more fear during exam days.

There’s an important Saying which every student should keep in their mind that- “Do it Now, Before It Becomes Urgent”. It means, prepare yourself before or with time, it may be possible that no enough time left for preparation at exam time.

Students need not to take so much stress of exams. They must avoid stress and fear of exams. To get rid of exam fear the best way is to study in advance so that you may feel relaxed and comfortable. This keeps you confident and motivated also.

Students should adopt some simple and easy tips to avoid fear and stress of exams.

Best Tips or Advice to get rid of exam fear:

Study in Advance:

Students must study in advance. Study a week before the exam is not enough to score good marks. Study once won’t help you, you must study regularly and take the revision also. This will boost your confidence level.

Do not study continuously:

An exam does not mean that you have to sit with your books whole day. Do not study continuously. Take some short interval during the study to refresh your mind. Make yourself comfortable while studying. You can also do some easy exercise to relax yourself.

Enjoy Studying:

Enjoy the study. Do your preparation with ease and comfort.  Do not take it as a burden. If you have difficulties or doubts, take help of teachers.

Make short notes:

You should make short notes of important topics and note down the important headings. This will be helpful during revision time also.

Don’t compete with anyone:

Do not compete with anyone. Compete with yourself and try to give your best. Do not ask your friends about their preparation. This may increase your stress.

Take healthy Food and be relaxed:

Take healthy and nutritious food. Do some simple exercises also to keep your mind fresh and relaxed.  Apart from this, you may also listen light music to relax your mind.

Revise Properly:

Revision is must in the last few days before the exams. Make a timetable in such a way that you may get equal time to revise every topic. Revise the short notes you have prepared. Solve question papers of previous years. This will help you to score good marks.

Note: All the above mentioned steps will help you to get rid of exam fear.

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