HCL Interview Experience 2015 – Freshers Hiring Process, Success Stories

HCL Interview Experience 2015

We have brought to you the HCL Interview Experience 2015 here. You can also get the Freshers Hiring Process in HCL. The Success Stories presented here are to help the interviewees for a better preparation for their HCL Interview. Let’s begin with the Interview Experience.

Hello friends, I am neha. I completed my B.Tech in May last year. I had appeared in HCL Interview Experience. Here, I want to share my HCL Interview Experience as well as Placement Pattern of HCL with you. This was the amazing experience of life to get my returns of hard slog. Through, this interview I have gain vast information and learnt how to face your terror.

Venue: Geethanjali college of engineering and Technology

Time: 10:00 A.M

HCL is a well known company. It is an Indian global IT service company. From many years, this company is coming in campus for placements.

HCL Technologies consist of 3 rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Online Test

The first round of HCL Technologies was online test. It consists of 4 sections that are quantative aptitude, verbal section, analytical and technical section. In this test mostly questions are of C-programming, algorithms.

The questions of computer programming were complicated. As the time plays vital role, you need to focus on each & every question and be calm. Also, you need to focus on verbal section where the questions were based on synonyms, antonyms, passages etc. there is no negative marking for any question, and you need to give your best.

After an hour the result was announced. I got selected for the interview. Interview was on next day.

Technical Interview

I reached the venue at sharp 9:00A.M. My technical interview starts at 9:40 A.M. there are 12 panels. My name called for the interview. It was held for half an hour.

HR: Introduce yourself?

Neha: I gave my complete introduction in full confidence like my qualifications, my family, my dream and my goals.

HR: Can you work in any kind of technology?

Neha: I said I can work in all kind of technologies as I have studied them very carefully.

HR: Explain the types of OSI layers?

Neha: There are 7 layers of OSI model: physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation and application.

HR: Explain about your project?

Neha: Explained with the help of diagram in brief.

HR: Define heap sort?

Neha: A sorting algorithm that works by first organizing the data to be sorted into a special type of binary tree called a heap.

HR: I done with it, you can wait outside till the result will be declared.

Neha: ok sir, thank you.

After waiting half an hour, the result was announced I got selected for the last round.

HR Interview

HR: tell me about yourself?

Neha: I introduce myself in a very sophisticated way in full confidence.

HR: Can you work in 24*7 shifts?

Neha: I answered positively as I have no problem.

HR: Is there any problem in relocation?

Neha: I replied no I am comfortable with it.

HR: Explain the difference b/w hard work & smart work?

Neha: Hard work is done with complete dedication rather than skills where as smart work is done.

HR: Your marks are consistently low?

Neha: Sir, I believed in learning not in scoring good marks.

HR: OK, thank you Miss. Neha you can leave now, you will get the result in 2 weeks.

Neha: thank you sir.

After 12 days I received mail from HCL Technologies, by god grace I got selected for the job. At the end I will never forget this day it is one of the memorable day of my life.

So, friends this was HCL Interview Experience shared by Neha on our website that is Bharatrecruitment.com and we expect that this experience will help you to crack the HCL Interview and we advised to candidates that be confident at the time of interview and don’t get nervous. At last, we thanks to Neha to share her experience with us and like her you can also reveal Your Experience.

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