Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs – Best Sector For Career Growth

Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs

Are you looking for which one is better Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs?

The team of is helping you in finding the answer of this question.

Indians still prefer job security and comfort over the swanky offices and fast paced corporate lifestyles. Many Indian prefers govt. jobs for the prestige, security and comfort.

A youth never opts to go to Government School or a Government Hospital but always wants a Government Job, because the benefits and perks in a Government Job can’t be found in a Private firm.

Many people opts Private jobs because the salary in private sector is more than the government jobs and also the process of govt. jobs is longer.

We are enlisting some advantages of Govt. as well as private sector. On the basis of those advantages you may decide which sector is better.

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Advantages of Government Jobs:

Job Security:

In govt. sector there is job security. Recession time cannot affect your job because the government sector job is permanent. In government sector you’ll be probably set for your life.

More Perks:

Government sector provides more perks to the employees than the private sector. Govt. provides employees the lifelong benefits.


Government provides pension facility to the employees after retirement.  There cannot be any reduction of expenditure even in the event of loss.

More Holidays:

A govt. employee gets Government holidays + Saturday and Sunday + certain amount of paid holidays in a year.

Stress free Life:

An employee enjoys the stress free life because there is no workload and targets in government jobs.


Advantages of Private Jobs:

Quality Life:

Private sector jobs provide quality life and a standard of living to the employees.

Good Opportunities:

In private sector people may find better opportunities and time to time promotions according to the performance.

Hiring Process:

Hiring process of private jobs is faster than the government jobs.

Latest Technologies:

You will find a chance to work on latest technologies which will increase your skills.


You can adopt jumps to get more success in less time. In government sector your whole life is planned. There are no shortcuts to get success.

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