Fashion Designing Career – Job Opportunities, Scope, Salary In India

Fashion Designing Career3Fashion Designing Career

People all around the world are become more awaked about their daily looks and latest fashion, this thing enlarges the need of Fashion Designers in the whole world. Those individual who are interested in Fashion Designing, there are lots of job Opportunities for them in India or in abroad.

In the recent time lots of people believes that style and perfect look is an important part of the daily life, the new generation of the world becoming increasingly go through the latest trend and fashion. That’s why there is a big career scope for the Designers in this field.

So many big organizations, Bollywood industry and TV program producers and Garments companies hire the Designers at very effective Salary scale in India. If you have a good knowledge about clothing, style, and looks then you can make a bright career in Fashion Designing.

Job Opportunities in Fashion Area:

This industry has now begun to come of age in India. It provides many of job opportunities for animated, artistic and hard working youth. Prediction for fashion design graduates is very good in the country, thanks to the large and still growing demand for “designer wear” and the regularly large volume of exports.

Fashion Design can be separated into three major factors which are Garment design, Leather design, and Accessory Jewellery design. This area offers many job agreements in that you get to see your designs being worn in the street. Other benefits include trips abroad to fashion shows or fabric houses etc….

Scope in this field –

Fashion Designing Career1

There is a big scope in this field in our country or also in abroad, a large scope in this field includes:

  • Fabric houses dressmaking
  • Handloom/ yard goods manufacturers (Government, Semi government)
  • Fashion show coordinators / publishers
  • TV drama and channels fashion program producers /costume designers, etc.
  • Film production units Bollywood / Hollywood
  • Trade and wholesale garment businesses in men’s/ women’s/ children clothing in sportswear/casual wear, etc.

Salary Scale in India:

A realistic Fashion Designer earns an effective average salary per year in this field. For the first five to ten years in this position, pay increases sharply, and any additional experience will make a big effect on pay scale. Most people with this job will make their career higher as getting more experience.

The yearly salary Fashion Designer may vary depending on a number of issues such as industry, company size, location of the work, years of experience and level of education. Mean annual earnings were very good in apparel, piece goods, and notions the industry employing the largest numbers of designers.

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