Electrical Engineering Careers – Diploma/ B. Tech Degree Jobs in India

Electrical Engineering Careers

Electrical Engineering Career is one of the popular options amongst the youngsters who have completed Diploma / B. Tech Degree in this field. Electrical engineering is a profession that requires technical and problem solving skills to design, manufacture and maintain products, services and information systems.

Electrical Engineers design, develop and test the system and equipments and conducts the research. Major areas of Electrical Engineering are Automatic Controls, Digital Systems, Electromagnetics, Electronics, Electrical Power and Communication, Signal Processing, etc.

If you’re interested in Electrical Engineering, then this field opens its arms to welcome you in the world of Engineering. A hand on experience in this field is essential. To start a career in this field, one must have a Diploma/ B. Tech Degree in engineering. This prepares you to work in the vast range of engineering sectors.

Diploma/ B. Tech Degree Jobs in India:

Diploma Jobs in India:

There are huge numbers of jobs India for those who have Diploma in EE. They can opt the suitable option as par their interest and can get attractive salaries. Some of the popular diploma jobs with salary details are:

  • Electrical Engineer- Rs 121,078 – Rs 678,706
  • Senior Electrical Engineer- Rs 221,064 – Rs 667,712
  • Project Engineer- Rs 240,000 – Rs 480,000
  • Project Manager, Engineering- Rs 471,665 – Rs 925,000
  • Senior Systems Engineer- Rs 438,000 – Rs 14,00000

B. Tech Degree Jobs in India:

B.Tech Degree in India is most preferred degree today. One can start his/her career by selecting the suitable option as par their interest. Some of the most preferred B.Techjobs with salary details are:

  • Electrical Engineer- Rs 177,539 – Rs 747,850
  • Senior Software Engineer- Rs 446,984 – Rs 978,714
  • Software Engineer- Rs 262,235 – Rs 1,035,756
  • Senior Electrical Engineer- Rs 277,498 – Rs 927,378
  • Project Engineer- Rs 120,000 – Rs 450,000
  • Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) – Rs 750,622 – Rs 1,962,310
  • Sr. Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer- Rs 378,749 – Rs 912,307

Electrical Engineering is fastly growing in India now a days and one can have a sparkling career if he/she has relevant skills, qualification and experience.  A hand on experience will help you to get a job in the “real world”.

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