Difference Between Resume And CV – Best Answer, Example, Sample Format

Difference Between Resume And CV:

Resume and CV both are the main important document to present you in an Interview. There is some difference between Curriculum Vitae and Resume.  The most sufficient answer is given below for this question, to analyze the format and style of a Resume and CV.

The main difference between them is the length; A Resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education. It can be summaries in shorts bullet linings and limited information and of maximum 2 pages.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds, teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, and other details include more than 2 paper length.

Some other best answers which can help you to determine what is the difference between a Resume and CV is mentioned below. You must take a look on these Answers.

How To Predict Difference B/W Resume And CV:

S.No Resume Curriculum Vitae
1 Resume means summary and it is a French word Curriculum Vitae means course of life which is a Latin word
2 The Resume is limited to one or two pages CV contains 2 or more than pages.
3 Name and Address is framed in the beginning Contact details are given in the starting
4 It has limited details mostly in bullets CV has the details in paragraph for a description.
5 It can give the less information of the person Full information about a person is available in CV
6 It does not include references You can also use references in it.

These are some dissimilarity between a Resume and CV other difference like Format and style is also given below.


Candidates must set a normal and easy to learn format to make a good CV or Resume. Try to highlight your strengths, accomplishments and experience. You have to use the same formatting for the matching fields. Avoid Italics when you make a Resume, you can use Italic and underline options in the Curriculum vitae.


It doesn’t matter whether you going to make a Resume or a CV you must use the same styling all around the document. Don’t use the color changes style it will make a bed imp ration on the interviewer.  One can also use the pre installed styles if he/she making their resume or CV in Microsoft Word.

Note: Remember to don’t get too creative with paper, style & format. This will make it clumsy.

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