Career in Journalism after 10th/12th/Graduation Educational Guide Steps

Career in Journalism

career in journalism

If you decided to make your Career in Journalism after 10th/12th/Graduation, it is essential to know that what kind of profession it is. Now a day’s journalism is the most demanding profession as it covers the all information about the earth crust.

Journalism as a profession requires high standards of probity and principles. Everyone knows that Pen is mightier than the sword. In the same way journalism is the doughty profession in all line of work.

So if you want to make your career in this art then you have to be more focused about your studies because journalism requires high standard of knowledge in all aspects. You have to choose the line of mass communication after passing 12th class.

Types of journalism:

The area of Journalism is too wide to explain because it has spread all over the world like air. But by definition it has two types

  1. Print journalism
  2. Electronic journalism

Print journalism covers the area of news-papers and magazines while electronic journalism works in radio, television systems. In print journalism one can work as editors, reporters, correspondents etc. Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television and the Web.

Profiles for Journalism Profession:

a)    Associate Editor

b)    Sub Editor


c)    Editor Proof Reader

d)    Reporter

e)    Correspondent/ Special Reporter

f)     Writer

g)    Columnist Critic

h)     Photojournalist

i)     Cartoonist

j)     Production Workers

k)    Floor Managers

l)     Transmission Executives

n)    Camera Workersm)  Sound Technicians

o)    Presenters

Journalism is a career where almost every fresher begins as a junior reporter or trainee. Once you have established your strength in a chosen field of reporting, you can qualify to be a Correspondent / Special Reporter.

The next portfolio for you would be that of a Sub-Editor, one who sorts the content to be published also puts in innovative headlines for news stories. In the same way you can go through step by step for reaching at the profile of associate editor.

Qualification requires for journalism:

All the journalism courses are offered after passing 12th or graduation. The name of courses are-

a)    Graduation in mass communication

b)    Graduation in mass media

c)    Graduation in journalism

d)    Master’s in mass communication/journalism

Other essential skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Command over different languages
  • Ability to differentiate the originality and artificiality
  • Excellent writing skills
  • High confidence and patience
  • Interest in politics, religion, culture, current affairs etc.

In this way you can make your career in this profession by completing your graduation in the courses discussed above. One thing which should have to be kept in mind is that, you have to select a good college for your studies because it will help you to brighten your future and career both.

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