Career In Information Technology – Opportunities in IT Sector India

Career in Information Technology

The world today has engaged in the age of Information Technology and career in this field has achieved high popularity. Today, every industrial, development, management and maintenance sector is influenced by the Information technology.

Career in Information Technology is one of the admirable options and has no limit. To start career in IT, one must have skills like Computer Networking, Information Security, IT Governance, ITIL, Business Intelligence, Linux, UNIX,Project Management etc. and should have solid education and specific specialty certifications in the concerned field.

Information technology in India is covering two major components: IT Services and BPO is reconstructing the image of India. Today, India is one of the biggest and fastest growing IT capitals of the world, having chief players who are giving their best to push up the growth of India.

Opportunities in IT Sector in India:

Organizations in Indiasuch as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, etc. are hiring large number of skilled professionals. Career in Information technology is bright and progressive for those having good soft skills. There are many Specialization areas in which one can make his/her career.

Specialization areas in the IT Industry are:

  • Designing
  • Research and Development in Peripheral Integration
  • Product Quality Control and Reliability Testing
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Maintenance Service
  • System Developing /Programming /Software Engineering
  • Networking
  • Application Programming
  • EDP/ E- Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Database Warehousing and Management
  • Operating jobs, Computer operators, Data Entry

Information Technology makes our life simpler and faster and brings us information and applications. IT specialists develop products and set ups and maintain the systems. There are large numbers of career positions in which one can start the career which are depicted below:

  • Applications developer
  • Database administrator
  • Games developer
  • Geographical information systems officer
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • IT sales professional
  • IT technical support officer
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Network engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems developer
  • Technical author
  • Web designer

These career options are popular among youngsters. One can make his career bright in the field if he/she has soft skills and required certificates. IT sector in India is growing day by day and opportunities for professionals are also growing in parallel.

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