Career In Computer Networking – Jobs In Computer Networking Sector

Career in Computer Networking

Computer Networking is one of the commendable career options today. Industries around the world depend on it and it works as a backbone of large and small businesses. To share seamlessly moving information across the world through internet gave birth to computer networking.

Networking field is purely a technical field where connectivity is the key. Basically networking is the connection of two or more computers that permits them to share resources. Because of this facility, people can work from home. The Internet is one of the appropriate examples of it.

Today, Computer Networking has become one of the prominent jobs in the world. The main job of a Specialist is to keep the networks working. Specialists handle the security system for the network to avoid the computer crime which is a growing problem of the world today.

Jobs in Computer Networking Sector

Different career options are there in this field. It is a challenging and growth oriented career option and requires lots of skills, passion and dedication. Some career paths of this field are as under:

Career Paths are:

Network Administrators:

Network Administrators configures the LAN and WAN and is responsible for responsible for analysis, installation and configuration of company networks. Administrator monitors the performance, troubleshooting problems and maintains the network security.

Network Engineer:

Network engineer designs & manages the groups of networked PCs and set up of the communication link, install and configure application software. He also provides technical support and assistance.

Network Analyst:

Analyst writes software programs or scripts and supports the overall infrastructure of computer. He is responsible for developing networking systems for organizations and businesses.  Analyst also provides training to new users.

Network Technician:

Network Technician pays attention on setup, troubleshooting, and repair of hardware and software products. He must also have experience in dealing with different operating systems such as Microsoft, Novell, and Unix.

Some other specialties are:

  • Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Master
  • Computer-Operations Researcher
  • Repair Specialist
  • Systems Analyst

Computer Networking is a prominent career option for those who have creativity and can handle the challenges. This is the best option for capable and result oriented aspirants who wants to make their career progressive and successful.

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