BPO Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers / Experienced Free PDF

BPO Interview Questions And Answers

We’ve brought BPO Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers / Experienced candidates preparing for a BPO Interview and want to make a good impression on the interviewers. You can also get the Free PDF online.

There is a boom of recruitments in the BPO Industries these days. BPO is now blooming fountainhead of jobs for Fresher/Experienced youngsters, planning to start their career in IT sector without having expertise in this field.

The recruited applicants, work as outsource of HR, Finance or Accounts but mainly for customer services or front office. As the BPO industry is flourishing, the BPO exams and interview are becoming more competitive.

The competition is enhancing day be day amongst the job hunters to be selected for a BPO job. Hence this is necessary to know that what should be the answer of BPO interview questions. Here are the

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BPO Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers / Experienced:

Question.1: Tell me about yourself.


This is the question which is generally the first question in any interview. This question is asked to start the communication and give the candidates an ease.

But this question is not easy to answer as it appears. This is the trickiest question asked in an interview. Start with some information about your family background, educational qualifications and work experience

Question.2: What is a BPO, according to you?


BPOs can be categorized as given below on the basis of jobs they perform:

  1. Administrative Department
  2. Purchase Department
  3. Selling Department
  4. Call Centre
  5. Back Office Read Answer

Question.3: Why do companies outsource their work?


There are mainly four reasons for a company to outsource its work:

  • Cost saving
  • Focus on core activities
  • Access to special enterprise who has expertise in the domain.
  • Other resource related reasons like relieving resource constraints, reducing IT staff and augmenting IT staff.

Question.4: What  the voice based BPOs are?


In BPO jobs, the employee needs to talk to the customers. The discussion can be for anything like sales, support or services, etc. The main focus of the employee and the customer is on “Voice”.

Question.5: What does it mean by offshore outsourcing?


When an organization of a country outsources a work process to an organization of a another country which is not nearby, it is called Offshore Outsourcing.


Question.6: What do you know about the call center?


Call centers are the BPOs based on “voice”. Call centers usually handle customer interactions for sales, customer service or support activities.

Question.7: What way you’ll use to manage your accommodation?


This question can be asked to examine who you react to it. You don’t need to hesitate or confused about it, you should say that the management of my accommodation will not be a problem, you’ll manage it very well.

Question.8: What qualities you’ll search in the candidate, if you’re hiring him for this job?


The person should have some Qualities, Skills and Expertise to be in a particular role. I will analyst abilities which are the first requirement of the position. For Example- if there is a support job, then the applicant should have analytical skills, problem solving skills, patience and communication skills.


Question.9: What’s different that attracts you towards BPO Jobs?


When this question comes in the interview, you should rotate your answer around the growth of the organization and your prospects you see in the industry. You can also discuss some facts and growth figures of the company in your hand. You will be succeeded to put more weight to your statement if you answer like that.

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